Juice Cleanse Day 1

by The Dalai Mama on April 22, 2015

in clean eating, Health

So, Over the last year or so I have tried to get my healthy eating in check. With kids, work, activities, etc., it is have been so hard. Last week I found myself on a Kairos retreat for 3 days with 40 teenage boys and the food options were so not healthy. I ate and felt so sick the whole time. Bloated, tired, and full.

I decided then that I clearly needed something drastic to put me back on course. So, I opted for a juice cleanse. after some research I settled on Life Juice’s 3-day cleanse. I know this isn’t “healthy” but I need something to reset my body and my eating habits. I’m not doing it to lose weight, but to only feed healthy into my body. I am just doing 3 days, as I think that is enough of a commitment to reprogram my brain to crave healthy food and not the processd crap I have been eating.

I woke up this morning and of course was hungry–I’m sure a big part of that was that I knew I wouldn’t be eating.  I had my water with lemon and then I did have 1/2 cup of black coffee.  I know that they recommend herbal tea and no coffee–but I needed something to satiate me.  I also had 8 raw almonds.  Just writing that seems ridiculous.

AT 9 am I had my first drink–I’ll have it earlier tomorrow.

I have to admit at this point I am starving.  But I’m going to push through.  I do have some celery to munch on if I really need it and my raw almonds.  But I am going to try to push through today and hope that tomorrow will be easier.



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