The Reality of Teaching

May 9, 2014

Now that teacher appreciation week has come and gone and I’m wrapping up my first year back in the high school classroom, I have to be honest about what I do as a teacher. I parent all day. I thought I gave that up when my kids went to school and I went to work. [...]

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A New Normal

December 17, 2012

I took my children to school today at “regular time”–no Before School Program for them.  I wanted to see them in their classrooms.  I dropped Noah off out front (a perk of being in 1st grade–mom and dad don’t have to bring him to class) and then parked and walked Zoë to her class and [...]

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To Tough Love Or Not

December 4, 2012

Parenting really just gets harder.  When Noah was younger, the answers were pretty clear and easy.  No, don’t put the dog food in your mouth, etc.  As kids grow, the answers aren’t so easy or obvious.  I think it is really important that my kids do something and are part of something.  I think that [...]

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The Lost Tooth

October 31, 2012

So, Zoë lost her first tooth yesterday–during her last week of being 4.  While her older brother, who is 6 1/2,  waits patiently (okay-so not really all that patiently) to lose his first tooth.  When I picked the kids up from school, Zoë  had a huge smile and was holding the coveted tooth treasure chest.  [...]

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When the Little Sister Passes the Big Brother

October 25, 2012

This past weekend on our “vacation” (more about that later), I noticed that one of Zoë’s bottom teeth looked crooked.  I asked her to come over so I could feel her tooth.  I knew before I touched it that is was loose and it looked pretty loose.  All I kept thinking the whole time was [...]

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