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by The Dalai Mama on January 10, 2013

in Travel

I am currently in Thailand. It is an amazing city. I’m not getting to see it the way I would if I were traveling with my husband, but I cannot complain. We have wonderful hosts. Today we went to the Grand Palace and it was really different from anything I have ever seen. We were fortunate to actually get to go INSIDE the palace and see the receiving rooms, reception rooms and throne room. To walk on the same carpets that Kings have walked on. It was a powerful moment and really neat to get to go where 99% of people don’t get to go.

The decision to get my PhD has offered me so many amazing twists and turns from my original life path. I am so thankful for these opportunities. We have 3 people in our group who have never traveled outside of the US and it is do great to get to experience their wonder and excitement.






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