Excuses, Time Sucks, and Sickness Oh My!

by The Dalai Mama on February 4, 2013

in Randomness

Before you say anything, of course I realize that I have yet to write about my trip to Thailand and I know I have been home for over 2 weeks now.  But I will share a little secret with you–I haven’t even looked through my pictures yet.  Not at all.  Not even when they downloaded to my computer. I am also supposed to be setting up a photo sharing space for everyone to share their photos.  Guess what?  Totally haven’t done that yet- I actually just did that.  Awesome, totally accomplished something.  Damn it–it wasn’t on my actual To Do list.

I am totally off topic here.  It’s almost like I forgot how this whole blogging thing works.  Well that happens when you don’t blog for 2 weeks. But really, it’s just like a bike.

Apparently not.  The past two weeks have been filled with jet-lag, more laundry that a family of 4 should ever have.  It’ become totally clear that I have a huge problem.  I buy my kids too many clothes and shoes.  Don’t even get me started on the shoes my kids have.  It’s ridiculous.  Seriously.  But admitting you have the problem is the first step right? I certainly hope so, because shoes are going to pay for the tuition.

Noah brought home a virus last week.  It knocked him out for 3 hours and his sister and I for 2 days.  Totally unfair.  We then gave it to Bill who is sick in bed today.  So, it’s been fun since I have been home from Thailand.

But, I am starting to find my groove where work and life-balance are concerned (if I keep saying it, it will totally come true).

Today is my kids 100th day of school.  To celebrate, Noah’s class had pajama day today.  So, of course, late yesterday afternoon Noah realized he wanted a pair of football pjs.  Not angry birds, batman, superman, ninjago.  So, in other words, none of the pjs we already have and that no one wears.  I caved and took him to target, because he’s been really good, to shop for more pjs that he will only wear one time.  An example of my previously stated problem.

As, I sit here and think of what else of note (okay that might be stretching it a bit) has happened this week, I should be finishing some other important task.  I have a lot of digging to finish doing from my 2 week absence.  But instead of a shovel, all I want is a glass of wine and some cheese.  Anyone with me?


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