My Life List

Here is my attempt at creating my lift list (it is a work in progress and will grow). This was hard because I was torn about what to include. I have done several things on my list already, but I am going to include those.

  1. Skydive (don’t know that I’ll do this now since I’m a parent)
  2. See the Mona Lisa
  3. Travel to Italy
  4. See the pyramids in Egypt
  5. Get my BA
  6. Get my PhD
  7. Travel to Ireland
  8. Kiss the blarney stone
  9. Get married on April Fools Day (thanks hubs for agreeing)
  10. Be a professor
  11. Take a cooking class
  12. See the great wall of china
  13. Scuba dive w/sharks
  14. Scuba dive the great barrier reef
  15. Go to hawaii
  16. See kilauea’s lava flows
  17. See my son get married
  18. See my daughter get married
  19. See the Taj Mahal
  20. Bike a century
  21. Bike a century in under 6 hours
  22. Take my kids to Ethiopia
  23. Travel to all 7 continents (3 done–North America/Europe/Africa)
  24. Feed the hyenas is Harar, Ethiopia
  25. Spend a summer traveling with my family in an RV
  26. See Old Faithful
  27. Publish a book
  28. Re-take photography classes
  29. Live abroad
  30. Make marshmallows from scratch w/out corn syrup
  31. Learn how to do cornrows
  32. Have high tea in London
  33. Start a school
  34. Learn to play a musical instrument
  35. Be debt free
  36. Safari in Africa
  37. Ride a hot air balloon over the Serengeti
  38. grow my entire garden from seeds
  39. Visit all 50 states
  40. learn a second language
  41. Swim with dolphins
  42. Take a picture a day for a year of our family
  43. Ski a black diamond run
  44. Run a 5k
  45. Do a night dive with the Manta Ray in Hawaii
  46. Go to men’s world cup match
  47. Go to an olympics
  48. Take cake decorating class
  49. live technology free for a month
  50. Learn to play golf
  51. 51. Ride an elephant

to be continued….

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Annah Elizabeth November 27, 2012 at 7:18 pm

I LOVE this list! Though the black diamond ski trail is out for me… Let’s just say the only two skiing experiences I’ve ever had were, well, a slippery slpe for me…and the one with my hubby has become legend in our house… (Teaser: He and his sister told me the bunny slope was at the very top of the ski lift…)

Keep dreaming and achieving!!!
Annah Elizabeth´s last blog post ..A Little Tax Relief Proposal


The Dalai Mama November 28, 2012 at 2:06 pm

@Annah Elizabeth: I’m dreaming a bit with the Black Diamond run–as I have never skied before and I’m 41. I have snowboarded one time and that was a lifetime ago. But that is what life lists are all about.


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